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The Silent Blue, Azumabashi bridge

This is my first post.
So,I write about my life work.
One of my life work is “Long Exposure Tokyo(LET)” Project.
It is to take photos of Tokyo with long exposure.
This is bridge collection.(I have other collections too.)

There is many beautiful bridges in Tokyo.
But famous bridges for photographer is very few.
I think people feel that bridge is for daily life,not for taking photos.
It can say about station too.
So,I’ll introduce beautiful places which not famous in general.
Of course I’ll introduce famous photogenic places too.

This photo is Azumabashi bridge,Sumida river,Tokyo,Japan.
This photo is my favorite.Here is very popular among travelers and photographers.
You can see TOKYO SKYTREE and many houseboats.
Houseboat is interesting activity.

Here is near Asakusa. You can go on foot.
I recommend if you go to Sensoji temple in Asakusa,you should go Azumabashi in evening.

Technique:Steel Arch Bridge
Nearest station: Asakusa station /Tokyo Metro Ginza line or Tobu Isesaki line


Reference of information: “Tokyo Pocket Map of Bridges Sumida river”,2013, Tokyo Metropolitan Public Corporation for Road Improvement and Management


Azumabashi Bridge,Sumida River,Tokyo,Japan
Azumabashi Bridge,Sumida River,Tokyo,Japan

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