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Emotional Orange, Eitaibashi Bridge

Eitaibashi Bridge,Sumida River,Tokyo,Japan

I think Eitaibashi Bridge is the most popular place among photographers.
Almost all the time,here are many photographers,especially in evening.

Evening scene of Eitaibashi Bridge is very very impressive.
The contrast of cool blue and gentle orange makes people sentimental.

I took this photo from Sumidagawaohashi bridge.
In Sumidagawaohashi, you can take photos from above.
It is easy to take photos of light trace of houseboats.

But,Sumidagawaohashi is large road.
So,if large cars pass through,a little bit shakes.
And air is dirty.
I recommend to put on mask.

Eitaibashi Bridge,Sumida River,Tokyo,Japan
Eitaibashi Bridge,Sumida River,Tokyo,Japan

After I post this article, I tried High Dynamic Range image about this photo. So I added it.

Eitaibashi Bridge,Sumida River,Tokyo,Japan
Eitaibashi Bridge,Sumida River,Tokyo,Japan

Technique:Steal balanced tied arch bridge
Nearest station: Kayabacho station /Tokyo Metro Hibiya line or Tokyo Metro Tozai line

Reference of information: “Tokyo Pocket Map of Bridges Sumida river”,2013, Tokyo Metropolitan Public Corporation for Road Improvement and Management

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