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Crossing Crossing!! Ochanomizu Station!

Here is Ochanomizu Station,Tokyo,Japan.

Generally,station is the place for daily life.
It is used for going work or school.
Many people will not think station as photogenic place.

But I think some stations are very photogenic.
I want to take photos of those photogenic stations,
and want to make people feel “My daily life is beautiful”.

Ochanomizu Station is complex crossing structure.
JR Chuo line,Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line Kandagawa river and road is crossing.

In my childhood,I had yearned to complex crossing of model train toys or model racing machine toys.
Here is real complex crossing,I always stop walking and enjoy view from here Hijiribashi bridge.I feel romance now yet though I became adult.

Many people stop walking to take photo at Hijiribashi bridge.
Here is easy to take photos,because people do not captured when take photos from Hijiribashi bridge.
I think here is one of best photogenic place in center of Tokyo.

Nearest station:Ochanomizu station/JR Chuo line,Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line

Ochanomizu Station,Tokyo,Japan
Ochanomizu Station,Tokyo,Japan

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