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Discover Interval ,Tsukudaohashi Bridge

Here is Tsukudaohashi bridge,Sumida river,Tokyo,Japan.
Before construction,here were ferry boat service.

This bridge is not lighted up.And architecture design is simple.
So,here is not interesting to take photo.

I did not know how to take photo in here.
But I discovered beautiful pattern of interval in street light and building.
That’s why I took here like this.

I’m bridge photographer.
But I don’t think I have to take photo of only bridge.
Because whole scenery(include bridge) is that bridge.
If there were the same architectural design two bridges,they will become different bridge.
Because environment around those bridges are different.
I want to take photos as only one bridge as only one place.
I have to discover the most beautiful composition from every bridge.
Those photos will express places where bridges are.
In that point,I like this photo very much.

Tsukudaohashi bridge,Sumida river,Tokyo,Japan
Tsukudaohashi bridge,Sumida river,Tokyo,Japan

Technique:3 span continuous steel deck box girder
Nearest station: Shintomicho Station /Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line

Reference of information : “Tokyo Pocket Map of Bridges Sumida river”,2013, Tokyo Metropolitan Public Corporation for Road Improvement and Management

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